A Day in the Life of Erika Chin ’14

ImageHello, my name is Erika Chin and I am a rising junior in the Honors Program. I am double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Engineering and Management. This summer I am researching the degradation process of harmful chemicals with ultrasound technology under Professor Thagard in the Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering Department. During the week, I am in the lab anywhere from 3-7 hours a day running experiments. Each week our lab meets to present our results to each other, which is a great opportunity to see more than just my own research.

Every day is a little different, but in general I wake up, grab a breakfast bar, and go into the lab to run experiments starting at 8am, 11, 12, or 2pm (there are 3 people working in the same lab as me, so we rotate who goes in at what time) and then I eat lunch and read journal articles. Afterwards, I go to the gym and practice volleyball, and play racquetball or basketball. In the evenings, I eat dinner and hang out with my friends. The best thing about living on campus is everyone is right close by. If you want to do something or hang out with a group of people, all you have to do is go next door and knock. There’s plenty to do in summer. In these past weeks, I have been canoeing, swimming at the local beach, played beach volleyball and gone bowling. On the weekends, I have gone camping, played Ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, and kickball. I also did research at Clarkson last summer. I went hiking at Azure, cliff jumping into a river, played capture the flag, and ate food at potlucks and ice cream socials. All of these are no more than 20 minutes away. For down time, I watch TV and movies, and play cards, video games and board games. Thanks for reading. 



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  1. Posted by Kyle Hancock on June 25, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Wow girl! Engineering and Management and Chemical Engineering? And varsity volleyball?!? You are quite the impressive Clarkson student. Keep on being awesome!


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