A Day in the Life of Rose Kennedy ’14

Hi my name is Rose Kennedy and I am a rising junior in the Honors Program.  I am spending part of my summer here at Clarkson University doing research with Wireless Underground Sensor Networks.  During the week I have been spending my time reading articles related to Wireless Sensor Networks and trying to contact different wireless sensor companies to get quotes to buy some sensors for my research.  Though this is only when I am working, which does take up a fair bit of the time, but when I am not working there is plenty to do.  On week days, mostly in the evening, I have gone kayaking/canoeing on the river and walking around on the trails in the back of the campus.  Also during some evenings I will play cards or watch movies with various groups of friends.  I love cooking and experimenting with different foods for dinner, whether I am cooking for myself or for others, which is why it is great that we live in the Townhouses which have kitchens.

The real fun is on weekends though.  I have already attempted to go hiking twice.  The first weekend we went on a great hike to Round Lake, about an hour drive, which was an 8.6 mile hike.  The second weekend I was going to go for a hiking/camping trip to Whiteface, but due to sickness, we had to abandon it.  This coming weekend, though, we will be attempting another camping trip to Marcy Dam, which has many hikes (at different levels) for everyone coming to enjoy.  We also have plans to go rock climbing eventually this summer.


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