A Day in the Life of Colin Lennon ’15

Hello, my name is Colin Lennon and I am a freshman Mechanical Engineering student.  A typical Monday for me starts at 7:30 in the morning, as I rise to the gentle ringing of my alarm clock.  That’s about as poetic as my morning will ever get; within 30 seconds I have angrily snoozed my alarm and fallen back asleep.  Ten minutes later my alarm clock wakes me from this illusion of extra sleep and I begin the 20 minute rush to get out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, tame my bed head, and get to class.  As I skid into class I see the professor rounding the corner, and a minute later I am watching a Statics problem unfold on the board.

After my first class (Statics) I have an hour until Physics starts—a perfect opportunity for me to get some breakfast and read a book for the last ten minutes before I leave.  At 10:00 I’m trying to keep my physics notes from turning into doodles (with about a fifty percent success rate).  Then I find my way to some quiet corner and study or do homework until lunchtime.  Around noon I take a half hour break to eat, and then it’s back to homework until my admissions meeting at 1:00.

As a part of the Honors Admissions Team, I attend an hour long meeting every Monday at 1:00 to help decide the fate of hopeful honors applicants.  This is just one of the ways that the Honors Program makes an effort to let students help shape the future of the program.

At three I have back to back Calc Three and Differential Equations.  At five when that’s over I’m incapable of doing any work, so I go on a run to clear my head.  After that it’s dinner time, and depending on how many tests and projects I have coming up I either socialize or do homework until I go to bed by midnight.  Perhaps getting to bed by midnight is more of an idealized situation, but at least I try.

My Wednesdays and Fridays look almost the same as my Mondays, except for the extra two classes I have on Wednesday (an honors class at 11:00 and Matlab from 6:00-7:30 PM).  My Tuesdays and Thursdays start an hour later than the other days with Differential Equations and Calc Three recitation and an honors class at 2:30.  On Tuesdays I also have Team Design Lab, a physics lab in which we are working on modeling the velocity of an electric train at an arbitrary level of applied voltage.

My weekends typically involve sleeping later than I should and then giving myself a chance to focus more on having fun than on homework, which never seems to happen during the workweek.  On Saturday I will usually spend the day hanging out or playing sports with friends, and then in the evening I may go to an event happening in the Student Center, go into town with my girlfriend, or just continue my day’s activities if there is nothing going on.  A Sunday for me usually has more homework involved than a Saturday, but I still try not to let myself get too stressed out.  On Sunday evenings I take a few hours to knit scarves for charity while watching a movie, and then finish up any leftover business from the day before I go to bed and let the whole cycle start over again.


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  1. Posted by Aunt Terry on April 20, 2012 at 3:41 am

    Congratulations on being doing so well in college, Colin….it sounds like you have the right balance of work, fun and friendship.
    Good luck on your upcoming final exams, and keep up the good work with everything else!!!


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