A Day in the Life of Nicole Traphagen ’14

Hi! My name is Nicole Traphagen, and I’m a sophomore Biomolecular Science and Chemistry double-major. Today I roll out of bed at 7:30 to start my Monday morning with an 8:00 Organic Chemistry laboratory. Getting up this early is a challenge because I spent all day yesterday snowboarding at Jay Peak, and I’m exhausted. The lab gets out early today, so I go to the Concrete Café to eat breakfast, check my email, and do some homework before my next class starts.

Lately I’ve been obsessively checking my email because I’m waiting to hear back from summer research experiences that I’ve applied to, but so far I haven’t heard anything. Starting at 11, I have Genetics, Physics II, and Organic Chemistry lectures, each for 50 minutes. Usually after lectures are finished I hurry over to Cheel to eat lunch before it closes, but today I have to go into my research lab. I work in a polymer and organic chemistry lab, and I’m currently working on releasing drugs using polymers. This semester is a busy one, so I only have time to spend about 3 hours each week in the lab. Most weeks I go in on Wednesday afternoons, but this Wednesday is March 14th, Pi Day, so my friend Matt and I are baking a pie in celebration!

After I’m done in the lab,  I do some homework until 6:00, when I have to go to a meeting for Theta Phi Alpha, the sorority I’m in. Mondays are usually my only days free of meetings, but we had some last minute issues to vote on. After the meeting is over, I eat dinner at Subway with some of my sisters, and then head back to my room to do more homework.  I typically do homework in the ERC, but the screen on my laptop cracked a few days ago so I have to use a desktop monitor in my room to get work done.

Nicole with some of her friends at Jay Peak

Today I’m less productive than I should be because I’m also watching How I Met Your Mother. I want to finish a lot of homework today, so after a few episodes I stop watching the show so I can focus on work. Tuesdays are busy days, so I won’t have time to get much work done tomorrow. I have the HP201 honors class in the morning, followed by a meeting with my research professor, and then Physics Team Design, where we’re trying to model the movement of an electric train. After my classes are over, I have 2 hours of salsa dancing at the Ballroom Dance Club meeting, and then 2 hours of singing at rehearsal for the Golden Knotes, which is the Clarkson a capella group. As soon as I finish my homework I turn out my light and go to sleep, because I know I’ve got a long day ahead of me tomorrow.


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  1. Posted by Uncle Mark on March 15, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    NIcole, you were wise to pick a school above snow line so you could snowboard on the weekends. I had to wait until grad school – and travel two time zones west – to do that! Keep up the good work and – even with your busy schedule – stay away from the 5 Hour Energy


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