A Day in the Life of Joe Camilo ’13


I’m an Electrical Engineering major in my second semester Junior year. Today classes for me start at 11am and this usually means that I sleep in and wake up in time for a relaxing large breakfast and no pressure getting to class on time. However this Tuesday I wanted to finish up some thesis work so I could get it reviewed by Dr. Goss, the director of the honors program. He wanted to go over my Literature Review for my thesis proposal with me. I edited that, took a shower and then drove to class. My first class is Electromagnetic Fields and Waves with Dr. Cheng. We go over mostly new topics and have our homework handed back to us with some feedback.

My next class after a forty five minute break is Dr. Cheng’s Solar Cells class. But during break I find some friends from the class so that we can go over the homework which is due later today. I take Dr. Cheng’s classes because he knows a ton though in class he might not be perfectly clear however he is always willing to explain concepts and problems in his office. Solar Cells so far has been a lot of modern physics which contain hard concepts that means lots of time spent on the homework and in his office.

Directly after that class I go to my thesis mentor’s office so he can show me the toolbox we will be working with in MATLAB. MATLAB is a number crunching program used by lots of engineers, it works similar to a graphing calculator but is infinitely times more complicated and programmable. He shows me the toolbox and now I am able to start getting preliminary results for my thesis. My thesis is about speaker recognition on mobile devices, basically being able to speak a pass phrase and have your smartphone unlock.

From there I go home and eat, now it’s about four o’clock and I have some time now before Golden Knotes, the Clarkson a cappella group. I get some Statics done and then relax with an episode of Modern Family. I have a small dinner and then head over to Cheel for Golden Knotes at eight. I then go home and hang around with my roommate. I call my sister to see how her week is going and then head off to sleep.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kyle Hancock on February 7, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Joe Camilo is my hero.


  2. Posted by Libby Kamen on February 10, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Joe Camilo for President of EVERYTHING.


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